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Introducing the JKJ Comedy Bus!


If you’re here, you probably listened to today’s episode of Couple Friends with JKJ (me) and #AL (husband)! If you haven’t listened to the episode, here it is.

Yes, we bought an RV. And even more surprising, we love it. So. Much. More than we even thought we would!

We’ve taken, “Sally,” as our oldest daughter named it, on a journey already and, other than breaking one or two (or ten) things along the way, it was a success! Our girls love it and now we’re finally ready to take my show on the road!


Our first right turn!

Driving through a thunderstorm!

We have big plans for the Comedy Bus so stay tuned, subscribe to the podcast, and buckle up! If you have questions about the RV, we will be answering those questions on Friday’s episode of Couple Friends! Feel free to ask those questions here, e-mail us at or send us tweet/message/etc. Thanks!





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