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In Case of 2020 – Out Now Exclusively on SiriusXM

Finally! My new special, In Case of 2020, is here! It premieres Friday, November 6, at 3 PM Eastern on SiriusXM Laugh USA Channel 98! The special will also be available on demand for the next couple of weeks on the SiriusXM app (which I can’t recommend enough!) Check out SiriusXM here.

Upcoming airings:

Friday, November 6 – 3 PM Eastern

Saturday, November 7 – 9 AM & 6 PM Eastern

Sunday, November 8 – 1 PM Eastern

Monday, November 9 – 5 PM Eastern

When I have more times to share, I will update this post!

This special felt impossible. If you’d asked me in May that we’d be premiering now, I would have laughed (or cried?)! In January we were planning on recording a new special in New York City. Then March rolled around and all of my gigs were cancelled. By spring, we realized NYC was not happening. So we adjusted the plans. We hopped in The Comedy Bus (our RV) and set out on a journey. We recorded this special over Labor Day weekend, outside, socially distanced and following all the local guidelines. On paper it was a comedian’s worst nightmare — an outside show with a tiny crowd. But honesty, it couldn’t have been more fun. The audience was fantastic and the weather was spectacular. If you listen closely, you might hear a cricket or two or the local high school football team practicing nearby but hey it’s 2020! Anything goes! I love this special! It’s was an unforgettable experience for our family! Thank you so much for the support. I’m so grateful for y’all. And I’m excited for you to hear my new jokes!




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