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How To Travel To Disney World AND GET IT DONE!

This week, we had listener and friend of the show Jim (@Cravin4) help us figure out how to travel to Disney World right! He gave us SO many awesome tips and tricks and is allowing us to share them right here for you. You can listen to the full episode here. 

THE List

1. Oversized waterproof phone pouches for everone. They are cheap and storms come up quick

2. stay on Disney property if possible to take advantage of magic hours. (Only people staying can have early or late hours for rides. Saves time.

3. Water is free if you ask for a cup of ice water. They happily will give it to you

4. Matching shirts so you can pick your party out of a crowd.

5. Everyone in cargo shorts

6. for kids pack a full days wardrobe in a gallon ziploc so in the morning you grab a bag and gets them ready faster

7. Seven months to a year out to book room. As right at six months one can book dining and at 60 days one can book all the fastpasses.

8. make a list of “must dos” at 6 month window you can see when all the magic hours are and which parks to go to on which days then slide your must dos in accordingly

9. dollar store rain ponchos in your back pack

10. Dollar store glow sticks so at night you can find them and then they are happy and you didn’t spend $10 on a Disney glow stick

11. Get Disney Visa. They give like $250 in Disney dollars to spend there. And special lines for characters as well as 10% off all merchandise

12. Treat each day like 2 days. Waiting for transportation one hour before the park opens. Hit the fastpasses andback to room by 1-2 sleep a few hours(some say this never works but it does if everyone is on board.

13. The bucket of popcorn. $10 or $12 to get the bucket. Then like $2 to refill the rest of the stay. We keep brining the same bucket back

14. Free wifi so don’t burn your data

15. Get the memory maker $200 if you buy before your trip $250 if durning or after. That includes all ride pics, professional pics and magical pics. We end up with like 400 pics each trip. Also a great value if with a group. One person buys it and y’all can split the cost(added the y’all for you Georgia peeps)

16. Food. Take non meltable food. We take lots of nuts, jerky,… always have snacks

17. Location if you like magic kingdom stay at contemporary if you can as only 10 min walk. Epcot or Hollywood studios can be walked to from beach yacht club and boardwalk

18. If you are not staying on Disney property still check the magic hours schedule when planning as you want to avoid the morning magic hour parks as they will be more full on those days.

19. Epcot. My favorite hidden gem is France around the back to the right is an amazing icecream shop wine shop and food area reasonably priced. The show and meal at Germany is great but little pricey. The nachos in Mexico are a great value. If you can’t do the habatchi in Japan on the opposite side down the path is a better priced counter service. The fish and chips stand at UK is great. We like to just sample as we go.

20. If a hot day. Every time you are back at your room everyone gets a quick rinse and clean underwear. Gets the salt off the body and avoids chafing.

21. Light clothes and this white runner’s cap on hot days is a must for the whole family. And easy to find your kids. Also this hat dries very fast for when those freak showers pop up

We hope you enjoyed learning this as much as we did! Maybe someday we’ll record an episode of our show IN DISNEY WORLD! Thank you so much, Jim. Follow Jim on twitter @Cravin4.


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